About College

The SPJV, Varkana Educational institution incepted 1927 with sublime inspiration & blessing of shree vijya vallabh surishwerji maharaj spreading the value education in GODWAD region, District pali, rajasthan.
The SPJV mission towards education to peace prosperity & radiate harmony that has supported by jain community & this Academy is being started. Founder firmly believed that only education can ameliorate the darkness surrounding this territory and social evils can be removed. Thus, an ideally residential schooling started on the strength of innate positivism and it percolate the education from – juniors, seniors and higher education, whereupon today, approximately 2000 students availing this opportunity under one umbrella – SPJV, varkana.


Many Pitiable condition & turbulence forces were the primitive issues to strengthen of innate positivism to start this schooling beneficial to all strata of society to needs. Subsequently, thereafter one decade back started a college education. Eradicating & cure the illness from the illiteracy; college first step to make a generous mankind’s in which ideological thoughts and intellectuality could banish discrimination in society. Holistic education will make them men to gentlemen who further them nuarthing the wellness in society, in Godwad region. Shifted material world by giving a holiness aspect of education alone cannot stimulate the energy but ensuring to pull them to enjoy the unhindered peace in the soul and mind. A reformative teaching pedagogy and integrated educational parlance university mode higher education in various disciplines- Science-Arts-Commerce and computer science are appreciated by all. The mandatory  plan have made to mediate at least two minute every day, before starting the lecture , this is to make them fresh, serene to solace in cool mind that each students get relaxed and concentrate in class. Students mind perceive the concept quickly and retained it in region of memory in the form of logical network and oozed out spontaneously at a time of any test in his life of even in examination. This idea goes to consonance of GURU JI is a minestrone parallel to the study. Resultantly, students expending their skills horizons enabling one to get joyful experience in the state of being where they place with a rich Indian culture-“Managed through wisdom”.


Shri Dhanraj ji Shree Chand ji badamia college of professional studies aegis of SPJV, varkana promoted by multidimensional  group of professionals benevolent tycoons Philanthropist  and a league of generous jain community to cater the youngsters feed and needs. The colleges is under a statuary provision of the jay narayan vyas university UGC Govt. of India and directorate of college education, state govt. rajasthan , since – 2007. Even, during the tumultuous events worldly, still we have clear vision for setting up to inculcate the co philosophy of education – teaching traits etc- how students could be accommodated in the world after getting the degree?

We are penetrated more on learning – educating ability to student’s consciousness in their mind. Our beloved president, secretary, managing trusty frequently facilitating the assistance via – scholarship etc to deserving and meritorious students to help them are a extra ordinary features to promote education to all.