Course Offered No. Of Seats Subject Offered Eligibility Criteria Duration Of Course
B.A 160 History, Political Science Economics, Sociology Geography, Public Admin, Hindi & English Lit. Sr. Secondary (in any stream) From recognize education board with minimum 45% 3 year

Compulsory Papers

  • 1st Year – Hindi/English
  • 2nd Year – None
  • 3rd Year – Environmental Studies

Optional Papers (Any Three)

  • English/Hindi Literature
  • Political Science/Sociology
  • Drawing/Music/Home Science
  • History/Economics/Geography


Department of English Literature

The Department of English Literature provides an under a graduate program for students. We use the latest teaching techniques like role play, creative writing, collaborative story writing, class presentation, extracting information and individual attention, for the better understanding of the literature.

We encourage our students to use their creative imagination to think independently and ultimately to appreciate the stimulation derived from the study of literature. We strive for the enrichment of the language and provide in-depth aesthetic acquaintance and an eagerness to appreciate the language in its ingenuity to the students who opt for this subject.

We try to abandon traditional chalk and talk teaching methods and employ information and communication technology into English language teaching. We include some aspect of creative writing and the workshop model. We try to enhance the ability to analyze literary texts beyond basic close reading.


Department of History

The Department of History provides an undergraduate program for students. We use latest teaching techniques to make the subject more interesting. We encourage historical thinking and lead to the learning goal in a coherent way. We use a variety of approaches explicitly to teach the skills of historical inquiry and analysis, tailor learning opportunities to suit our students’ stage of development and encourage deep understanding.

We use the latest teaching techniques like a range of teaching and learning activities, information technology, group discussion, class presentations, demonstrations, projects, visit historical places and museum, comprehension and source analysis activities, simulated excavation and debates etc. Here the students are initiated to develop insight into the complexities of history and correlate them with the latest trends of historical writings. For this we encourage them to read the latest books and journals, this objective is further realized by furnishing our library with good text.

Department of Geography

The Department of Geography has a laboratory equipped with facilities for giving practical training in Geography methodology. The main thrust areas are Climatology, Oceanography, Population and Agriculture


Department of Sociology

The department offers a course at U.G.level. At UG level, students are taught papers like General Sociology ,Indian Society, And Culture, Social Anthropology, Social Problems, sociology, cial Research, Social Thinkers. Sociology offers a distinctive and enlightening way of seeing and understanding the social world in which we live and which shapes our lives. Sociology looks beyond normal, taken-for-granted views of reality, to provide deeper, more illuminating and challenging understandings of social life. Sociology is an exciting and illuminating field of study that aSociology, explains important matters in our personal lives, our communities and the world.


Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science provides an under-graduate programme for our students. We enhance the analytical skills in our students to develop practical, comprehensive and competitive vision on the various national and international issues. We make our girls acquainted with the latest trends to develop good citizenship and leadership qualities. We cultivate the capabilities and skills to analyse political system and political behaviour. We provide an excellent way of learning and understanding current events as well as the events of the past.


Department of Economics

The Department of Economics provides under-graduate programme for our students. We enhance the analytical skills to improve knowledge and develop understanding of the economy. The main thrust areas are Development and Growth Economy, International Economy, Indian Economy, Trade and Tariff, and Quantitative measurement.